Rethinking your interior involves several complex steps, which is why our team will work diligently to accompany you throughout your project to make it a timeless success. Our designers will handle the concept development, plans, 3D drawings, and custom furniture.

Whether it's for the entrance hall, living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, we will ensure the creation of a space that meets your expectations. If you lack space, don't worry, we will work together to expand your home, allowing you to have the home theater or the large walk-in closet you've always dreamed of!


A commercial design specialist possesses the talent and knowledge necessary to save you many headaches and, most importantly, to transform your project into a flawless achievement.

We are also attuned to the work of your team. A well-designed restaurant kitchen with clear and easily accessible storage spaces can greatly facilitate work and improve employee productivity. Similarly, in offices, the layout can have significant impacts on the work environment and productivity.


With your collaboration, we establish the schedule and budget for your project, evaluating all obstacles and potential delays.

We are present on the construction site daily to ensure the smooth progress of the work, verify adherence to the schedule, and manage any conflicts or issues that may arise. Our team of skilled and qualified subcontractors works diligently to deliver satisfactory results, whether you need an interior designer or an architectural technologist.


A practical kitchen is one where the space is designed to minimize unnecessary movements that waste time. An efficient circulation plan facilitates the execution of daily tasks and is organized around the work triangle.

A well-designed kitchen meets both ergonomic and functional requirements, which should not be overlooked when making a list of these criteria. Daily tasks should be able to be carried out smoothly, meaning moving within a defined space and having what you need within reach.

Let innovation shine with Designer.Expert.